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Images and Steel

This web site is in reality two web sites. The “images” site will showcase photography; the “steel” site will showcase sculpture.

The original idea for “” came from a one-man exhibition in New Jersey in 2004. The “images” displayed were studies of old rusted metal objects; the “sculptures” utilized only found objects, scrap metal and broken, bent tools- the stuff most people throw away. Shortly after the show closed the name “” became reality.

Please enjoy “” on a regular basis, and discover the world as I see it. All the photography and sculpture you see are for sale and commissions for sculpture are accepted. Studio tours are welcomed by appointment by contacting (

The Images

While  in the United States Navel Submarine Service I was asked to volunteer as the ships photographer. I had no experience or formal training. They gave me a Topcon Super D SLR film camera and its manual. I took a lot of pictures of mechanical items while on board. After my discharge I continued to take photographs with my Fathers camera (also a Topcon Super D SLR). One of my first images was a snow scene which still hangs in my home.

The Steel

In 1997 the last of my old Toyota FJ40's left the garage. During that time I learned how to weld, paint, bend and generally work with metal. All of these skills were required in order to keep an FJ40 on the road. Some weeks later I was looking at the old parts I had lying around , and started to weld together spark plugs on an old motor cam shaft. I Topped it off with a old motorcycle mirror and mounted it on a piece of wood. My first piece-and it's on display in my home.

The rest is history; I have made over 178 sculptures which are currently on display in 18 states. No two are the same, because I will only use scrap metal or found objects to create them.

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